Different LLMs.


Name Training Tokens Context Length Org Price
OLMo 1B 3T 2K AllenAI
OLMo 7B 2.5T 2K AllenAI
Phi-2 2B 1.4T 2K Microsoft
Llama 7B 1T 2K Meta
Llama 33B 1.4T 2K Meta
Llama 65B 1.4T 2K Meta
Llama2 7B 2T 4K Meta
Llama2 13B 2T 4K Meta
Llama2 70B 2T 4K Meta
Mistral 7B 8T 8K Mistral
Mistral 8x7B 8T 8K Mistral
Gemini 8K, 32K Google
GPT-3.5 4K, 16K OpenAI In: $0.0015/KT, Out:$0.0020/KT
GPT-4 13T 8K, 32K, 128K OpenAI In: $0.01/KT, Out: $0.03/KT


  • Inference cost of GPT-4 128K
    • In: $0.01/KT
    • Out: $0.03/KT
    • In median usage, one user’s one year cost is around $500.
  • Training cost of GPT-4 128K
    • $150M for 13T training tokens with 1.8T parameters

Each time I use GPT-3.5, the avg input is around 0.5KT, output is around 1KT. So each time I cost around 0.00275, let’s say $0.003 each time. So a thousand time cost is around $3.

Google Search claims each of their search is around 0.00002.

Google Search Ads CPM is around $38.40.

Google Display Ads CPM is around $3.12.

So even GPT-3.5 introduces Ads to cover its cost, it still can easily be profitable.