Text to Image

GAN, VAE, Diffusion, CLIP, DALL·E, Stable AI, Midjourney, Pika, …


产品名 公司名 简介
CLIP OpenAI 2021 Connect text with image.
DALL·E OpenAI 2021 txt2img. VAE+Transformer+CLIP
DALL·E2 OpenAI 2022 txt2img, outpainting, inpainting, variations. Map txt latent to image latent. GLIDE (classifier-free)
DALL·E3 OpenAI 2023 img to txt for better training
Stable Diffusion Stability AI 2022 CLIP + Latent Diffusion
Midjourney Midjourney 2022 Not Public, guess close to Stable Diffusion
Pika Pika 2023 text to video, diffusion based, fast based on distillation
Imagen Google 2022 text to image, Diffusion + UNet + SuperResolution + T5 + Time Embedding, no CLIP